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What to Consider When Choosing an Orthodontist Whitewater Orthodontic Studios in Tacoma, WA.

What to Consider When Choosing an Orthodontist

A successful orthodontic treatment experience isn’t just about receiving professional and gentle care. You also need to trust that your doctor and the orthodontic team have your best interests in mind and at heart. At Whitewater Orthodontic Studios, we believe that the essence of good health is helping people – especially children – feel good Read More

The Top 10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

The Top 10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

If you are looking into the prospect of getting braces, it’s normal to be a little apprehensive. You’ve likely only heard the worst possible things about the metal apparatuses of old and, like a game of telephone, the legends grow with each report. At Whitewater Orthodontic Studios, we believe an informed patient will have the Read More

Invisalign: Fact or Fiction

Every patient is unique, and with a variety of orthodontic treatments available, it’s important to find which treatment works best for helping you achieve your ideal smile. And with the growing popularity of Invisalign clear aligners, more patients are enjoying the benefits of traditional metal braces without all the brackets and wires. However, the growing Read More

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4 Benefits You Won’t Get With Mail-Order Aligners

Over the last several years, we’ve all gotten used to the idea that we can order just about anything and have it delivered directly to our front door within a few days. As convenient as this is, there are some drawbacks. This is something we’ve seen even in the world of orthodontics, thanks to at-home Read More

4 Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult

4 Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult

Clunky metal brackets, unruly wires, and a limited diet, but it never fails there is always something stuck in your teeth. These might be the things that spring to mind when you think of the prospect of getting braces. Thanks to cutting-edge technology in orthodontic treatment, that metal-clad adolescent look is a thing of the Read More

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Recognizing Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Child’s Teeth

It’s not uncommon for young children to pick up bad oral habits as they grow up, but thankfully most of them are relatively harmless or broken as your child grows up. They’re certainly not something you’d need to consult with an orthodontist about! There are some oral habits, however, that can negatively affect the way Read More

Whitewater Orthodontic Studios in Tacoma, WA.

Braces vs. Invisalign: Which One is Right for Me?

Here at Whitewater Orthodontic Studios, we believe you should have all the information you need to make the best choice for your smile. That’s one reason we offer free consultations for patients of all ages throughout Lakewood, Yelm, and Lacey! You might be comparing braces vs. Invisalign, wondering which one is right for you. During your Read More

Puyallup Invisalign Whitewater Orthodontic Studios in Tacoma, WA.

What’s The Best Way To Care For My Smile During Treatment?

You might be wondering “what’s the best way to care for my smile during treatment?”. At Whitewater Orthodontic Studios, we’re on a mission to help families in Lakewood, Yelm, and Lacey feel good about themselves by giving them a confident smile. Orthodontics is about more than simply straightening teeth—our customized care increases self-esteem, improves oral Read More

Early Treatment Whitewater Orthodontic Studios in Tacoma, WA.

Does Your Child’s Jaw Need Early Treatment?

If left untreated, what may seem like an adorably lopsided childhood grin can quickly become a seriously misaligned jaw that causes a lifetime of pain and self-consciousness. As parents, we always want the best for our children, but how can you tell when your child needs orthodontic intervention? Knowing whether your child’s jaw needs early Read More