We’ve Rebranded Our Practice

We’re excited to share with you that we’ve officially rebranded our practice! We’ve retired the Leavitt Orthodontics name and will be known as Whitewater Orthodontic Studios going forward.

Rebranding is a big change! You can be sure, however, that we are still committed to providing patients with the same world-class service we always have. Our focus and vision remain centered around our patients and our belief that orthodontic treatment is about more than simply straightening the teeth. By helping people feel good about themselves and their smile, we set the stage for better health and increased self-confidence. That mission will never change, even if our name does!

So what does rebranding mean for our patients? Things will be business as usual for you, but you will start to see changes to our website, social media platforms, and other branded media. As we begin this process, we want to assure you once again that our team will continue to provide you with the exceptional service you already know and love. 

You’ll still have the same doctor with the same staff offering the same rewarding orthodontic experience!  

We also want to thank you for trusting us with your smile, both now and in the future! We look forward to sharing this rebranding journey with you.